Change and innovation is an important part of KUBO's DNA. From KUBO's inception, we have been at the forefront of the industry. In recent years, we have made bigger steps than ever. 


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Autonomous cultivation

Getting the most from a greenhouse is becoming easier and easier. With KUBO’s autonomous growing system Autopilot, growers don’t just work on experience, gut feeling and intuition, but on useful and relevant data. Work that previously had to be done manually is now performed completely automatically.

It starts with data
KUBO has been working on autonomous cultivation for several years now. The first result was PYLOT, an innovative data platform for use in greenhouse horticulture. PYLOT bundles all data from the greenhouse, such as heat, light, food and energy. Based on artificial intelligence, the platform provides users with a multitude of practically useful information on themes such as production, crop growth and performance, and climate. This helps greenhouse operators to make the right decisions. Smart algorithms ensure that PYLOT learns, grows, and is constantly expanded with new possibilities.

Made possible by Ultra-Clima®

KUBO's Autopilot picks up where PYLOT left off. The system links the platform structure of its predecessor to the hardware in the greenhouse, such as mist systems, fans and lighting. The Ultra-Clima® greenhouse is central to the KUBO AutoPilot, because only in such a semi-closed greenhouse can the climate be optimally controlled. This is necessary for Autopilot to work. Automatic cultivation is not possible in traditional, open greenhouses.


Destination: successful harvest

With Autopilot it’s KUBO’s goal to make growing as effortless as flying on autopilot. Just like a pilot, the greenhouse operator sets the course, in this case the growth strategy. Autopilot implements the chosen strategy. Then it is just a matter of careful monitoring, close control and smart adjustments to achieve its destination: a successful harvest.

A strategy for every crop

Determining a growth strategy is a precise process. First, the 'sweetspot' needs to be determined, the bandwidth within which the chosen crops do not experience stress, but rather peace and regularity. The photosynthesis process is most efficient within this bandwidth. This in turn ensures high production of excellent quality and minimal use of raw materials. Every crop and every variety requires a different strategy.

Service from seed to store

AutoPilot is part of KUBO's extensive Full Service Grow Concept (FSGC). With this concept, KUBO takes care of the entire cultivation system. The approach covers every aspect of successful growing, from determining the most profitable business model, to a tailor-made plan, realization of the greenhouse, training of the team, and remote monitoring and adjusting of the cultivation process. FSGC ensures constant optimization.

Only 5 buttons

Autopilot is ideal for growers, owners, crop advisors and investors around the world. It gives them more control and reduces risks. It lets greenhouse operators manage more square footage, and it reduces the amount of manual, repetitive work involved in running a greenhouse. Autopilot works according to the '5-button principle'. This means that the control of the climate computer is based on only 5 variables. This instead of the hundreds of variables that greenhouse operators now have to set and continuously adjust.

Maximising the productivity and efficiency of greenhouse operations is becoming easier and easier.

Wouter Kuiper - CEO KUBO Group

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