Change and innovation is an important part of KUBO's DNA. From KUBO's inception, we have been at the forefront of the industry. In recent years, we have made bigger steps than ever. 


Our innovations

We believe that if you want to structurally address the challenges facing the world, you must also have structural solutions.


We provide the targeted, all-in-one answer to every cultivation question. Customized greenhouse solutions that fit perfectly in any situation, in any place. Anywhere in the world!

Our solutions

You can go either way at KUBO!

Working at KUBO means working for the future. Join our team and help push boundaries. Be at the forefront of developing the latest innovations and have answers to the challenges of our world. Your skills are essential in making tomorrow’s world possible today.

KUBO Careers

Project realization

A complete greenhouse under the direction of KUBO

Construction and realization are taken care of entirely by KUBO Sustainable Greenhouses. Contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and service. Everything under our own management. To be able to control the entire process, deliver on time and be sure of the latest techniques and concepts.

For the furnishing of greenhouses and technical installations, KUBO has its own specialists or joint ventures concluded with the best specialized companies in the fields of heating, cooling, irrigation systems, electrical engineering, climate control, lighting, screen installations and logistics systems. Thus, greenhouses can be completely supplied, built and furnished under the direction of KUBO Susainable Greenhouses.

Experienced assembly crews and modern construction equipment guarantee efficient completion of your project anywhere in the world.

Quality guaranteed

The entire construction remains in one hand at KUBO. Also because KUBO has efficient and high-tech facilities for the manufacture of Venlo greenhouses. KUBO is not only responsible for the greenhouse, but also for the supervision. By keeping the entire process in-house, we deliver with the guarantee of maximum quality.

Every project in your own hands

Extensive production facilities of no less than 1.5 ha in Monster, the Netherlands, enable us to respond quickly to projects of varying sizes. The facades, gutters and deck are also produced in-house: the well-known Excellent deck. Reliable, flexible, customized, quality and ultra modern machinery.

From the tundra to the desert. You'll find our solutions everywhere.