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CO2 negative cultivation

New cultivation strategy

CO2-negative cultivation with energy reduction is completely new. It is an innovation that has been tested for the past three years at our BlueLab test center. BlueLab is an Ultra Clima greenhouse and is located in the Westland. The Ultra Clima greenhouses are the basis of the product, but we have added new smart software, upgraded the hardware, added more sensors and implemented new growing strategies.

Currently, industry emits huge amounts of CO2. With our concept, we solve this directly with the same revenues and lower costs.

That's just the positive side of CO2.

Read all about CO2 negative cultivation in the newest KUBO magazine!

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Experts talk about CO2 

KUBO hosted a roundtable discussion in response to the new innovation, which they themselves call “the world's first CO2-negative greenhouse.” This live, online conversation was about real solutions with experts from outside the food chain and sustainability experts.

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